If you are looking for Shopping Malls and high-end Gift Shops, McGregor is not for you! However, McGregor offers a small range of quaint shops including a few small gift shops and grocery stores reminiscent of old country Trading Stores - and they're not difficult to find because they're all on the main street (or just off it)! Some of the small shops in McGregor do have irregular and somewhat erratic opening times, but hey, this is McGregor!

McGregor only has one Bottle Store, but its much more fun to set out and visit some of  the local wineries in and around McGregor and Robertson for a wine tasting and some excellent wines may be purchased  direct from the source.

Very basic groceries and supplies can be purchased at GRETHA'S SHOP - a quaint old fashioned country Trading Store reminiscent of a byegone era! - and MCGREGOR SUPERMARK (which also houses the local Post office  and the petrol station) - both on the main road Voortrekker Street.

Sad to say, THE AVAILABILITY OF FRESH FRUIT IS EXTREMELY LIMITED IN McGREGOR - so be sure to stop at Affie Plaas Farm Stall just before Robertson on your way in.

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